ManaGi is the first Greek online platform where you can find all the highest quality Greek primary sector products.
What makes it unique from all other e-shops is that it enables any user to shop affordably and directly from the producers across Greece with only a few clicks.

It works as simply as this:
The user can effortelessly navigate through the pages of ManaGi, select the desired products and add them to his/her basket. Once the order is final and processed. ManaGi will ensure safe delivery of products to the consumer within two to five working days.

By certified products we are refering to the adherence of each one of the producers to governmental and European quality standardsand food hygiene & safety (ISO,HAACP), as well as a validated factory registration.

On the ManaGi website, you can find all the certified brands of the Greek agricultural and livestock farming produce,
ranging from food, to drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products from the best Greek producers who innovate in manufacturing and processing.

Delivery times may vary depending on producer's location and end user's delivery address. For any orders within Greece, we anticipate taking between 2 and 5 days.

Should your order be delivered partly or wholly damaged, you must immediately notify the delivery employee at the point of inspection so that it can be returned. For any collect-on-delivery orders you simply won't pay and for any orders paid for online, ManaGi will refund the account holder the full amount of the order.

ManaGi is the extension of your business. It is the advertising, marketing, public relations, research and development, and logistics department of your business. Additionally, serves as the all-encompassing, specialist e- shop that Greece was missing.

The producer-partner will not be burdened with time-consuming activities. She/he must however notify ManaGi of the available stock and relevant prices. The producer will also need to be punctual with delivery orders and ensure collections from the courier companies are on time.

You must be able to provide your company registration number, any legal documentation as well as ISO & HAACP accreditations. Are you missing any of these? Please contact us!

ManaGi offers the complete package with the aim of improving your company's market share and sales growth. In particular, it offers: private online display of your business, e-shop tools for retail, translation of your products in 8 languages (world's most used in business), display of your products in expositions that ManaGi will visit in Greece and International expo's as well as tapping into global markets by utilising databases with several hundreds importers and wholesalers. Lastly, we're offering to photograph your products for free with a professional photographer, should you not have done this already.

For both retail and wholesale, the courier company in partnership with ManaGi will collect the order from your location will deliver it to their final destination.

Through ManaGi, a third of the world's markets can access your products and read the descriptions in their mother tongue. In addition, through ManaGi's participation in expositions around the globe.

ManaGi requires all producers to provide all necessary certification that abide to quality systems such as ISO & HAACP, as well as their registration number and all relevant legal documentation. The relevant regulator and inspector is the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

ManaGi is the online hub for all certified products of the Greek primary sector. With only minimum time and effort, you will find an abundance of quality products from a wide range of types. ManaGi primarily focuses on wholesaling, and ensures safe transactions between buyers and producers as well as carrying out a safe delivery process.

Once you find the desired products, please fill in the specific wholesale form in full and request delivery of the products wherever you are located.

In each product page you will find a "request quote for wholesale".

ManaGi is in partnership with the biggest and most reliable courier companies, thus ensuring an efficient and safe delivery of your order.

All available payment methods will be listed on each producer's page on ManaGi.

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