Asimakopoulos Estate

Our family-owned company favors limited production. Tradition, the love for what we do, our perseverance in the faithful compliance with the organic farming practices combined with the centuries-old olive trees of the Koroneiki variety and the microclimate of our region, are the guarantees of a stable product with a strong taste and aroma, that stimulates the senses and brings up flavors strongly connected to our past.  Our desire to embottle the precious essence of our exclusively organic olive groves led us to the standardisation of a high quality olive oil.

Ktima Brintziki

Ktima Brintziki, the first green winery in Greece, is located nearby the village Lantzoi (western Peloponnese) in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and one of the most sacred places of ancient Greece. Brintzikis family established the winery in 1994.  The family’s vision is to create unique flavoured wines that are defined by the special regional characteristics. The clay soil, enriched with local Rivers’ and Creeks’ moisture create an ideal microclimate. Indigenous varieties that thrive in Ancient Olympia are Roditis, Tinaktorogos, Malagouzia, Fileri, Assyrtiko (white varieties) and Augoustiatis, Agiorgitiko and Merlot (red varieties).Ktima Brintziki’s vineyards are organically cultivated by centuries-old traditional manner.Ιn 2012 Ktima Brintziki was characterized as the first green winery in Greece. To accomplish this,photovoltaic systems are used along with multiple renewable energy sources like geothermal energy. Geothermal sources serve the cooling and heating energy needs of tanks and Halls. PV system covers for the energy requirements of the winery. Thereby Ktima Brintziki determines their ecological and environmentally friendly running, producing organic wines and having zero carbon footprint facilities.

INONI Greek Organic Herbs

Inoni was a mountain nymph of the Greek mythology, which had received from god Apollo the unique gift to cure human wounds and heal them by the use of herbs. During the Trojan War, Inoni refused to cure Paris as he had left her for Helen, resulting in his death.All of us in INONI Greek Organic Herbs team grow our herbs on our own, providing your table with the aromas and the special flavors of the Greek nature with love, passion, and mindfulness. Our herbs keep their authenticity, quality characteristics and healing properties intact just the way we find them in their natural environment.We chose Monopigado (30 km from the city of Thessaloniki) as an ideal location combining the appropriate altitude with a particularly favorable microclimate, as shown by soil analyzes and surveys related to the adaptability of aromatic plants to specific conditions, to successfully grow our crops. The planting material we chose is organic and was produced by a certified nursery.

Greek Pony Farm

Family company "Greek Pony Farm" is located at Kyparissia, Messinia (Peloponnese), the center of a real Greek agricultural "Paradise". This farm belongs to Nikolakopoulou Family. In a blessed area, where the Greek land generously offers its unique fruits from antiquity to present. Our farm was named after «Greek Pony Farm» for a very important reason: the emblematic herd of the restless ponies that live free and grow in our lands and our olive groves! Our ponies apart from composing the largest population of animals in our farm (which includes deers, horses and cows that live and participate in our little ecosystem) play a very important and decisive role in the smooth functioning of the farm and the cultivation of trees in an original, natural, creative, perhaps unique way in the whole world. Our four generation family tradition is present everywhere in the olive groves and the lands of the farm. The personal care of every detail begins from the crops and the infrastructure and is concluded to the production and standardization of all products. For the Nikolakopoulou family, the Farm is a way of life. And this is obvious in every drop of the organic extra virgin olive oil, on each selected olive, on each fruit that bears the signature «Greek Pony Farm»!

Eva's Walk

The company Eva's Walk PC is a cretan corporation which resides in Heraclion. Our goal is the production, standarization and distribution of top quality products. Our collection includes a variety of products like herbs, olive oil, olive products, honey, greek coffee, mixes of spices, handmade soaps and more. Our company cooperates with a network of greek producers who cultivate on our behalf while giving them the necessary support and guidance leading to eco friendly and biological production without the use of chemical components. The company complies with the ISO 22000:2005 quality certification provided by EUROCERT and BIOHELLAS.

Mylonas distillery

The distillery Mylonas has its roots back to 1903. This is a family business that stands over a century for quality products, reliability and maintenance of the traditional element. Produces ouzo, tsipouro, liqueur and Raisin Brandy. The business won the gold award for ouzo at Thessaloniki's International Fair in 1931 and in 1933 in the same expo it also won the gold award for the cognac. Today, the fourth generation of family Mylonas combining the invaluable experience with the necessary knowledge continues the tradition.

Iliaki melissokomia

It all began back in 1936 when Sebastian Nicholas Stephanopoulos, the man who later-on became the Archbishop of the town of Kastoria, and while still a student at the apicultural School of Marousi, invested his few savings in the purchase of some baskets and a few langstroth hives.The year 1946 the operation passed over to George Stephanopoulos, Sebastian’s brother. Anastasios Stephanopoulos, the founder’s nephew, who remained dedicated to the same values took over the business in 1970 and through his love, dedication and hard work he converted it into the modern enterprise it still is today, enjoying nationwide absorption.Today, the torch passes over to the third generation of off-springs, to John Stephanopoulos, a graduate of the Athens Faculty of Agriculture and to George Stephanopoulos, who is a graduate of the Athens Faculty of History and Archeology. The family business today is trading under the name “Iliaki Melissokomia” (“Heliaki Apiculture”)Our Philosophy We abide by the charm of the narrative that wants the extinction of the bee to spark the end of mankind, linking the fate of both, in a powerful bond which dictates the utmost respect for this rare insect that adds only nutritional wealth to our lives.

Kalomoiris Ilvigal

Our story begins in 1928. At the beginning, all we had was pure raw materials, good milk and knowledge of traditional cheesemaking. It was necessary to create unique, quality and tasty products. Over the years, the experience we have gained, the perfect technological equipment, innovation and the search for new ideas have been the factors that contributed to the creation of the exceptional taste and quality of our products.

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