Who We Are

The Idea

ManaGi team consists of a group of people with academic qualifications and professional experience in fields like Economics, Business Management, Marketing, e-commerce, and web and content management. Their initiative for the creation of ManaGi aspires to become a platform for foundation and reinforcement of the of greek businesses and greek producers that innovate in producing and processing agricultural and livestock farming products.

ManaGi builds upon the idea of supply in retail and wholesale of carefully selected high-quality & nutritional value products from around Greece that are certified and adhere to quality and hygiene & safety standards (ISO, HAACP).
The founders of ManaGi are a young enthusiastic team with a common vision of a future build upon innovation and founded on mutual respect, trust and a united front.

Panagiotis Chatzilazaridis – CEO (founder)

Born in Thessaloniki in 1988 and grew up in Zakynthos and Pyrgos, Elis.
Graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, department of Physics.
Worked for Mediterranean Deli (Utrecht / Holland) where he got first-hand experience with e-marketing tools and logistics management.
Thereafter, served as the Head of Exports for Mandrakis Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Pyrgos, Greece) .
Got involved in the design and production of an experimental bespoke hydroponic garden in collaboration with Nikolaos Syrigmis, an Associate Professor of the Agricultural University of Athens.
Additionally, worked as musician and singer, and established and directed his own music scene at “Tetrastoiho” in Pyrgos.
Languages: Greek (Native), English, German and Spanish

Grigorios Koutsouflianos – Managing Director

Born in Naousa Imathias in 1987.
Graduated from the Economic Science faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and obtained his Master degree, MSc in Business Economics, Economics of Management & Organization, from the University of Amsterdam.
Worked for Lightspeed Research B.V, both in Amsterdam and London, a marketing research company, where he got to apply the economic principles and theories but also witness first-hand the way modern organisations functions and how they are structured.
Worked for an Accounting firm in Naousa and is a member of the Economic Chamber of commerce of Imathia.
Languages: Greek (Native), English.

Apostolis Giantsidis – Logistics Manager (co-founder)

Born in Messorahe, Serres and grew up in Serres.
Graduated from the Economic Science faculty of Aristotle University and obtained his masters degree in (MSc) Urban, Port and Transport Economics, from Erasmus School of Economics, University of Rotterdam.
Worked for Wrist Ship Supply in Rotterdam as Head of Sales for South Europe region where he also participated in their 2-year graduate scheme programme both in Rotterdam and Aalborg (Denmark) at the company’s Headquarters.
Upon completing the programme, he got promoted to Sales Manager and was placed at the company’s headquarters in Houston U.S. where he was responsible for sales for the Gulf of Mexico region.
Returned to Greece in 2016 and established his own company, import and wholesale of drinks.
Languages: Greek (Native), English.

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