Name Story

ManaGi derives from the greek words “Μάνα Γη” and means “Mother Earth” (Μάνα=mother, Γη=earth).

Gaia (Gi) was a A primitive deity, worshiped as Mother of Everything. According to a prevailing version of Greek mythology, Gaia and Uranus were the first cosmic couple of Creation, and it was she who protected Zeus from Saturn, giving him the opportunity to become “the father of the gods and men.”

In search of a representative title for our online portal, we have chosen
ManaGi in order to honour Gaia for the unique quality and high nutrinional products she allows our producers to harvest and thus giving us the priviledge to host them on our platform.

Additonally, we have chosen the international ManaGi instead of the greek words, due to the wordgame alluding to “Manage” which is effectively the primary function of our website.

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